Developing interaction, team-work, and leadership


The technical procedures in conducting the program are very easy. All we need are the e-mail addresses of the participants, and the compositions of the teams they belong to. The passwords to the program are identified uniquely to each participant by the e-mail addresses. After the training, all e-mail addresses are removed from the system and only the numerical answers are used to further develop the profiles.

For larger organizations, we are happy to help in formulating the teams and team structures in order to secure proper rights to the program.

You can use the attached order sheet to place an order or you can use it for more detailed information. If you wish to request a detailed offer for your organization, please use the form and fill the sections mentioned and send it to us.

1. Amount of participants and teams. The cost per person is 75 € (incl. vat). If you work in the public sector (education, health care etc.) please contact us for special orders

2. Time frame for training. The time of the training can be freely set according the organization's individual needs. When the time -frame is set - usually for six weeks - password are sent to the participants. You only need to make sure that all participants are able to read the material and then are able to join in a team meeting.

3. Team profile.  A team profile is essential in uderstanding the team dynamics, and it is used in teams 'live' meeting. The cost for a team profile is 100 € (incl vat) and it includes guidelines and slides for the team leader to facilitate the meeting.

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